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A very long-winded and overdue State of the Pups.
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I FINALLY did a State of the Pups over here.
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Icon has nothing to do with post, sadly, I just wanted to use it :)

- I am enjoying my break from writing. I am still keeping up with tags on a more or less daily basis but it's nice to not feel chained to my computer the way I did in the early part of the month and since I'm still getting to thread, I don't feel like I'm letting anyone down.

- I am still makeup blogging in earnest even though I am massively behind on reviewing new things I've purchased. I had a little acne right around my mouth so I haven't felt comfortable doing any lip swatches of my new lipsticks with Giant Pimples of D00m. I seem to be healing up, though, since I took two days off wearing makeup this week.

- As Winter Is Coming, my skin has decided to do this strange thing where my forehead and chin are still oily as hell and my cheeks are like the Sahara. Have been trying new combinations of cleansers/moisturizers to combat this but progress is slow.

- My left thumbnail refuses to grow out and has ridges and is genuinely ick. Any suggestions on strengtheners? I've been using OPI Nail Envy on my other nails and it works great but that one hates me utterly.

- My Jack O'Neill app is written but I will need to remind myself to ask for an extension on debuting (provided it is approved) since I want to do either Christmas or NYE but want to send the app early on as to not inconvenience modly-types in the middle of their finals. Do you have thoughts on when it would be better to send it, Melly?

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Well, quickly, in bullet form:

- I defaulted on Nano. I am still going to finish writing my novel but it's just come to the point where it stresses me the fuck out to try and hit a word count every day and I felt tied to my computer and then I had to go to my mother's for Thanksgiving and had no internet so I am woefully behind and not writing 11k in one day solely to meet Nano requirements. I will finish this once I have a week or so to not write anything and relax. (I have over 30k, which is the longest thing I've ever written, so I'm calling it a success.)

- I need to do a TR SotP but the last time I did one was the night my father died and I just feel eerie and weird about writing one. I know it's stupid but it makes me upset whenever I try to write one and it's just not worth it.

- I have bought a quadrillion Christmas presents already and there's a tidy little pile of them but I haven't put a tree up yet. Oh, self.


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