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Since it's a Big Bang, I can't post snippets like I normally do but I will include a snippet of another project I'm working on to make up for that >.>

I made some good progress today. I think the trick is to just push through the block and write it. I'm trying to do around 1000 words a day since it has to be 20-25k and that way I can have it done by the end of the month.

My reward, of course, is to be able to write the OTHER thing I've been working on. I blame my friend Sam from Tumblr/Twitter for this entirely because she's one of the few people I'm friends with who likes country music as much as I do and I somehow, while listening to Garth Brooks, came up with an entire sideways universe ala Out of the Blue (this is a thing with me, ye gods) where the Sanctuary is actually a thoroughbred horse ranch, Magnus is a wealthy investor, Tesla's her ex husband and Addison is trying to push her out of business.

Oh, and Will is a cowboy. Yes. A cowboy. It's complete fucking crack, but I'll share a little:

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On Writing

Feb. 2nd, 2012 01:22 pm
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Mind, I have not been writing anything original which I can get published someday but my goal for the year was to write 100k words over the course of 2012 on various snippets of fanfic and the like. I have been doing pretty well. I don't write EVERY day but when I do write, I tend to write nice chunks of work, so I'm pleased.

Those haven't been all on one fic, alas, but I think that's pretty good for January and one day of February! I just signed up for [community profile] scifibigbang so that'll be adding to my wordcount for the year as well.


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