Sep. 20th, 2012 04:35 pm
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So, in order to hold myself accountable I am going to start posting bits of my WIPs (other than cowrites) so that if this is relevant to your interests, you can tell me to get off my ass and finish it. Today, is my weird Sanctuary cowboy AU thing which is...weird and AU and I probably should just write an original novel and be done with it. It's not like EL James didn't get paid for it. Ahem.

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Well, I haven't worked any on my Big Bang >.> Sob. Still, I'm probably way ahead as it is for a June 30 finish date so I'm not too worried. I did write another 1438 words on Cowboy!Will (which brings it up to 3395 for those following along at home). Here, have a snippet. I'm sure only [personal profile] windandthestars cares.

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Since it's a Big Bang, I can't post snippets like I normally do but I will include a snippet of another project I'm working on to make up for that >.>

I made some good progress today. I think the trick is to just push through the block and write it. I'm trying to do around 1000 words a day since it has to be 20-25k and that way I can have it done by the end of the month.

My reward, of course, is to be able to write the OTHER thing I've been working on. I blame my friend Sam from Tumblr/Twitter for this entirely because she's one of the few people I'm friends with who likes country music as much as I do and I somehow, while listening to Garth Brooks, came up with an entire sideways universe ala Out of the Blue (this is a thing with me, ye gods) where the Sanctuary is actually a thoroughbred horse ranch, Magnus is a wealthy investor, Tesla's her ex husband and Addison is trying to push her out of business.

Oh, and Will is a cowboy. Yes. A cowboy. It's complete fucking crack, but I'll share a little:

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