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- Sigh I used to have a Burn Notice icon and now I don't. Blast it all. I've been rewatching Burn Notice lately apropos of nothing and I forgot just how much I absolutely adore that show. Sam is still my favorite ever.

- I got back on birth control after a few months off and this is my first period and it SUCKS SO BAD. I know it's pretty whiny of me and admittedly my periods have been NOTHING comparatively speaking since I had my endo surgery back in 2011 but it's still a miserable experience. My new OB/GYN seems to be less of the opinion that I'm completely infertile (my old one, of course, being the dick who told me I was never having children ever just forget it) and wants me to be thinking in that direction soonish since I will have a better shot + get some endometriosis relief.

- Somehow one of my eyebrows got overwaxed (I HAVE NO IDEA) and I realize I'm probably overly critical and the only one who's noticed it but it's driving me bananas. I'm having to fill in my brows for the first time in my entire life and I just keep having these little breakdowns and whimpering because I don't have my big thick khaleesi eyebrows anymore.

- I'm really bored and want to RP but I just have no interest whatsoever in the tribbles plot or dealing with the fallout of it so I'm stuck. I realize this is my fault entirely so I'm not really looking for sympathy or anything (and not every plot has to cater to me specifically by any stretch of the imagination) but it's just weird to literally have about four tags going at any point. That said, I'm happy to pre-play some things for when the tribbles are gone because my characters are out and about and doing their thing.


Apr. 18th, 2011 10:13 pm
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I've already had a couple come to me about this and I want to put my own words out in the open in case something gets around that I didn't say just because that's the nature of large groups and RP games.

I do not get hung up on queues. If I have someone I really want to app, can't live without, I reserve them. That is the purpose of the reserve list. If I feel the need to ask someone else about their queue, it's out of respect for them and not me, because I'm not fussed about it really. So while I appreciate everyone telling me there's someone who has interest in Jon Snow at TR, I'm not fussed, it's not going to be drama and I don't want it to be drama. I have a reserve for Gwen Cooper, who is the only character I want to app for the foreseeable future. If it changes, I'll change my reserve.

This isn't to call anyone out and like I said, I had more than one person come to me with this concern. I know the people who did come to me did so out of a desire to keep me informed in case it was something I'd be upset about and I appreciate that, but guys, it's just a game. I'm cool. I can't have a hold on a character I've neither apped nor reserved, you know?

The only thing that would make me angry would be something getting around that I am bothered about it and/or hold ill will against someone who does want to app Jon, so I want it out in public that I absolutely in no way do and never would. I can't be possessive over something that's a possibility and I wouldn't.

That said, I thought Game of Thrones was awesome and it's cool to see some interest picking up in a fandom I like.


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