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Well, quickly, in bullet form:

- I defaulted on Nano. I am still going to finish writing my novel but it's just come to the point where it stresses me the fuck out to try and hit a word count every day and I felt tied to my computer and then I had to go to my mother's for Thanksgiving and had no internet so I am woefully behind and not writing 11k in one day solely to meet Nano requirements. I will finish this once I have a week or so to not write anything and relax. (I have over 30k, which is the longest thing I've ever written, so I'm calling it a success.)

- I need to do a TR SotP but the last time I did one was the night my father died and I just feel eerie and weird about writing one. I know it's stupid but it makes me upset whenever I try to write one and it's just not worth it.

- I have bought a quadrillion Christmas presents already and there's a tidy little pile of them but I haven't put a tree up yet. Oh, self.
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I cracked 10k, woo! I'm contemplating going to the local meet-up tomorrow but IDK. I'm weird, I guess, but writing is kind of a private thing for me >.>
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Much better than I expected on the first day!


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