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So I bought new eyeshadow today and decided to try it out and took pics of myself to post on Tumblr but I was struck that in one of the photos, I'm doing a facial expression that is DEAD ON [personal profile] eudaimon.

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So there you have it. IDK why I was channeling you, Ruth.
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I'm about to go to The Hunger Games, zomg. I tried to do this really dramatic smokey eye thing with some Urban Decay shadows I rarely use (one of them I know is Oil Slick, idk what the lighter grey was) and it came out...okay. Weirdly, I think I needed longer lashes even though mine are naturally hella long so I guess falsies next time. I have...nothing on my lips but Carmex, so they look a mess, ignore them.

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My doggie has a grown ups.

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He is so big now!


May. 6th, 2007 08:21 pm
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I bought SO many clothes today for the trip to Mexico!

To start, shot of my Cameron (Cameron from House, for serious) headband

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I also got two pairs of jean capris, but those are boring. And uh, a Fantastic Four comic and two romance novels...
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Okay, so Anthony Rapp came to Theatre Macon for a special evening of Q&A with a little singing and a meet and greet for 20 bucks. Of course, [ profile] domnace9 and [ profile] houselover87 go. He answered my question and looked me directly in the eyes:

Me: Do you feel that over the past ten years as you have changed and grown as a person that your portrayal of Mark is different?
Him: Really long winded, but basically that yes it had and that life experience plays a big part of acting in any way.

He fangirled over Adam Pascal a TON, including mentioning "picnics" at his house. He is also just as cute and nice and adorable as he is on screen, even talking to [ profile] domnace9 about how hard it is to lose a parent.

He signed the insert to my RENT soundtrack and we took this picture )
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...Jesse Spencer got really naked for the sake of Australian swimming.

swimming upstream )

I love Netflix for letting me have that for a little while. I also love [ profile] melloniel for capping it.


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