May. 21st, 2013

sheikah: (house md: wilson fuck you)
My life just fucking sucks right now and I really, honestly need a vacation. I don't get a longish one until July (and even then that's only about 4 days) but I am going to the beach this weekend for the holiday so I guess that'll be nice.

Short trips just tend to stress me out more because I'm not away from work long enough to feel like I'm /away/. Besides. We're in full on cat-duty because of Oklahoma and they STILL HAVENT HIRED SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP ME so I am yet again doing the work of six people.

I'm also having to take business courses in order to apply for an MBA program and ugh it fucking sucks. Right now I'm in this STUPID computer course that's more headache than hard and after asking the professor half a dozen times if I could do the work in Office 2013 and being told yes, I could, the first fucking assignment (I've only had tests and homework before now and no projects) asks me to use a theme that doesn't exist in 2013. So now I guess I have to download 2010.

And I HAVE to get this shit done before I go out of town because it's due on midnight Sunday and I won't have internet while I'm gone >.<

So basically after having a temper tantrum and dealing with work (after I worked for 12 hours today - I got to work at 4AM and didn't get home until after 4PM they still called me to log in remote) I am saying FUCK. IT. ALL. and watching Riker being a badass /TNG



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