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I never use this thing anymore. Sigh. Well, after rebounding a little my cat got sick again and we took her to our regular vet that had reopened post-holidays and found out she had cancer, so we elected to have her put down. It was a hard decision but I couldn't afford kitty chemo, if it would even WORK, and I didn't want her to suffer. I miss my little Zelda so much. We would have had her for four years come Valentine's Day.
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Aww, I'm sorry. :( Fwiw, I think you made a good choice.
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Omg, sweetie, I'm so sorry :( :(

Hardest choices we ever have to make with our pets but IMHO it was the right one. All the hugs.
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I'm so sorry. That's never an easy choice to make. ♥
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;_; zelda zelda kitty

I am super sorry about Zelda. She looked like such a sweet kitty. Are you doing okay? I wish I could be there to hug you.
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I am really sorry that you had to make that choice ♥
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So sorry about Zelda. Being faced with that situation is really hard, no matter what you choose. Glad you got the time with her you did. ♥
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