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Okay, so. My cat, Zelda, is in kidney failure, anemic and has a white blood cell count through the roof. They don’t know if the kidney failure is from infection or if the kidneys were having trouble before and that’s why she has an infection but today they ran tests for FIV and leukemia and she’s negative for both of those.

She has to be hospitalized and at this point we’ve spent over 500.00 and I literally don’t have the money to spend. I’m using money intended for household bills to pay for what we’ve already incurred. I’m not the kind of person who normally asks for help but my cat is like mine and my husband’s child. I am seriously contemplating what I have in my house that I could possibly sell to help pay for the treatment she needs right now. I have helped out people, both friends and strangers, sight unseen because I believe in paying it forward. If you feel moved to donate anything at all, my Paypal address is There is absolutely no pressure to do this.