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Yuletide 2013

First off, yay thank you for writing for me. Here's a little more about my choices:

Arctic Air

Honestly, this fandom is so small and wee that anything you could possibly write me would be a gift. I do ship Krista/Bobby but I would love fic that involves Krista's dad somehow, even if the Krista/Bobby ship doesn't come in. I like happy endings and, especially relevant to this exchange, I love holiday fic. Any kind of Christmas/Kwanzaa/Northern Lights festival/what have you fic is going to be perfect for me.

I'm also interested in anything that involves Astrid, especially Astrid/Dev, and things with Krista's mom. There's very little for this fandom I wouldn't like.

The Newsroom

I ship Will/Mac with a burning passion and my only real restriction on that is no baby fic, I'm not into it. I would love to see something with Mac's parents or Will's backstory. Angst or fluff, anything is cool. I love everything.

Stargate Universe

I love TJ/Young and would love to see just the quiet moments on the ship we didn't see, maybe an AU where the baby lives. I don't have a lot of restrictions on these guys but I really want that ship involved somehow, even if it's mostly just as a friendship.


While I am not opposed to Joan/Sherlock, I really mostly ship these two learning how to feel feelings and developing their friendship, so any kind of quiet moments/buddy moments are good for me. A casefic is also good, if you want to do something that challenging! Anything about Watson's backstory would be the best.

Sleepy Hollow

I ship Ichabod/Abbie so anything with that is amazing and yes, good, but I also ship Ichabod/Indignation At The Modern World so gen is good too.