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So in a strange turn of events, I am honestly going to watch some television this new season and not just twiddle my thumbs until Arctic Air and Game of Thrones come back.

- Elementary comes back tomorrow and I got caught up when I visited [personal profile] ceilidh so yay, I'm excited to have Lucy Liu and JLM back on my television.

- I have watched two episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine so far and really like it! I mostly watched it because my husband said Terry Crews was on it and I miss Lonny on Newsroom but I am pleasantly surprised.

- I am going to watch the two episodes of Sleepy Hollow this weekend and see what I think. I meant to watch the pilot last weekend and watch it live Monday but uh, as you can see work happened and sleep happened. I've also got The Blacklist pilot which will probably be a thing that happens because James Spader.

- I have no interest whatsoever in Agents of SHIELD. But the internet seems to like it so yay for them.
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sleepy hollowwwwwwww
james spaderrrrrrrrr

i just love tv
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I think you'll be pretty happy with it then!
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I actually really love Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod is INSANELY endearing. Also, I've got one more episode of Whitechapel this season and then I'll be able to tell you if Kent gets Hobbsed. If he doesn't, I think it's a show you'd really, really like.

I need to catch up on elementary. I really like it when I'm watching but I have a tendency to forget it's on.