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mildly annoyed

So, Newsroom fandom went straight crazy Sunday night because Nina, this gossip columnist who hacked MacKenzie's phone and stole a voicemail Will left her, reveals the content of the message (that he never stopped loving MacKenzie) and says she wouldn't go out with Will because of this. Well, at the end of the episode she and Will fuck and Nina lies to Mac about the voicemail and doesn't reveal Will is in love with her. Okay. Cool.

Except fandom goes batshit that Will DARE sleep with anyone but MacKenzie even though Mac cheated on him and he's never moved on. Slut shaming Nina, glossing over Mac, calling Will an asshole, etc. Vitriolic.

Callie, Ruth and I were literally the only sane ones. NOW the ones who were the worst about going batshit are all "Well, we should be kinder and not fight, I don't think Nina is that bad," like it was their idea to begin with.


It's possible I'm focusing on this so I don't think about my dad today.
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I think we were seeing a lot of the same people on Sunday night and, yeah, the turn-around is somewhat dizzying. It wasn't the best introduction to the fandom I could have had :b
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Hey hun, can you maybe cut for spoilers on this?
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I'm having to take a break from tumblr right now because the Will-hate is making me ill. It's all about POOR MAC and they don't stop to think that maybe this is a reaction to her nagging Will every day for two months about that message and he's just fed up because he doesn't want to talk about it.
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This fandom is not endearing itself to me SUPER hard. I mean, Jesus. We were like, the only sane men there for a while :b
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until this weekend, they were perfectly lovely, and then god forbid Will be involved with someone with a potential for more than being part of the netflix queue... ugh. also, I write askwillmcavoy and he got so many abusive asks on Sunday night, I was horrified. It was a lot of "fuck you, you fucking douchebag how could you do that to mackenzie, you are worse than brian" and I'm like ....
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WOW. That's...Super ridiculous and awful. I am going to write the dirty Will/Mac I've started and feel good about it.

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Oh fandom. You be crazy <3

I kinda love Nina? Mac is amazingly non self aware when it comes to Will. I enjoy their conversations and their issues. It's all of it.
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Yeah, I get that feeling too. In fact I'm pretty sure of it, and I think that she knows it too. But there's nothing wrong with that!

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Yes! I think she knows better too, in a way. Like she said at 'lunch' she heard the message.