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<Insert Name Here> ([personal profile] sheikah) wrote2013-06-19 04:26 pm
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eek anxiety

Okay, so, my job is having a talent show in September and my coworkers want me to enter it. I am a singer and do sing occasionally at weddings when I have the time but I am so weirdly anxious about singing in front of my coworkers >.<

I'm a massive perfectionist and I feel like I would worry so much about being absolutely perfect that I would screw up and then do worse than I might do normally. Which then would embarrass me because then my coworkers would be all 'Wow, I thought Phyllis said she could sing and she fucking sucks' and DNW.

But I would really like to win the money in the talent show. IDK, I talked to Jeff about it and he seems to think it's a product of my mother's constant putting me down (e.g. I win an award for voice, she rambles on and on about how my classmates Katie and Jenna and Megan are sooooo good and doesn't mention me at all) and that I'm actually a very talented singer.

Like, for example, I was all "Well, maybe I'm better than 60% of the population just because I've had some training," which I felt was realistic and Jeff was just like, "Oh my god you are so much better than that."

So IDK. This was a ramble.

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