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So my cat, Myshkin, ran away on Wednesday. I have been trying to find him nonstop since then and I found him once on Wednesday afternoon and he hissed and ran away from me and I haven't seen him since (it also rained for like three days straight due to Tropical Storm Andrea).

Well, just now I was outside with a flashlight looking for him and I called for him and I heard this meow and I was SO HAPPY because I thought it was my cat and it was just a stray and I broke down in tears.
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Oh God. ;________; That is so awful, I would be losing my mind. I guess all you can really do is keep leaving food out and hope he's been hunkered down away from the rain. C'mon, Myshkin!
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Oh, no! Go home, kitty!
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Oh honey /hugs/

Sending you good luck vibes.
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Oh, no. My cat did that awhile back and it was awful. Are you in an apartment or a house where you can leave some food out? A call into the human society isn't a bad idea, I bet they get lots of "storm strays" after things like Andrea.
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Does he have any toys that make noise you could play with outside and see if he hears it? I just... I want to send you all the ideas good bad and other because I went nuts when Rogue took off on me for only two days.

But if it makes you feel better, she did find her way home eventually and acted pissed off that I'd lost her in the first place.
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I will rub my kitties extra hard tonight and make a wish for you. Not that they're magic lamps or anything, but, you know, happy thoughts and all of that.

I am so sorry. I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally hope he comes home soon. Maybe he just got extra scared by the rain.
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Oh, no! That's horrible. I hope he comes back to you soon.
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:( Oh no! I really hope he comes home for you. :( :(
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