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I try not to post about politics terribly much and try to keep that to discussions with my husband or with [personal profile] ceilidh but this just fucking burns me up.

The crux of it is that some stupid fucking GOP representative from the WV state house proposed that children should not be allowed to be eligible for free breakfast or lunch unless they work as janitors to earn their keep.

I'm sorry, did I just get magically whisked back to 19th century England where children had to WORK TO EAT?!

I can certainly understand a fiscal conservative argument about cutting fat from budgets, I can. I'm certain that there are plenty of big business subsidies and defense contracts (I don't say this lightly - my father in law gets a defense contract for his work and recently they were all flown to France for three weeks for basically two weeks vacation and one week work - tell me that can't be cut) or, I don't know, CONGRESSMAN SALARIES (yes I am aware that requires amending the constitution and no, Rand Paul offering back his salary is nothing more than a gimmick to get votes) that can be cut before free meals in schools for children in one of the poorest regions of our country.

I'm happy that the other members of the WV House seem to have thought this guy was insane but this right here is what is fucking wrong with America. Who thinks this is a good idea? Who thinks that it's OKAY to spout off rhetoric about how abortion should be illegal and Planned Parenthood is bad and we shouldn't be helping offset the cost of healthcare and contraceptives but, when these children are born, we care so little for them that we would force them to work in order to keep from starving?

It's just indicative of a bigger Republican (and I use this hesitantly - I feel it's more a Tea Party rhetoric than strictly Republican)agenda to remind us that the only people deserving of privileges like children or houses or healthcare are the wealthy. Do I think it's responsible to have 6 or 8 children you can't afford and then squander your federal aid on things for yourself and not your child? Absolutely not. But that is not the vast majority of people on welfare and, newsflash, I don't think that it should only be allowed for rich people to have children. I don't think only rich people should be allowed to have sex (which basically what happens when you make birth control and women's health inaccessible to poorer people.)

I also find it really fucking rich that the GOP senators and representatives who were SO AGAINST Sandy aid (I'm looking at you, Ted Cruz) are the first fucking ones looking for a handout for the West, TX tragedy. And, unlike the hurricane, the plant explosion was, in part, due to a lack in safety inspections because GOD FORBID THE GOVERNMENT HAVE OVERSIGHT OVER ANYTHING.

Should all business be overseen by the government? Probably not, or to varying degrees. There's a lot less oversight needed for, say, Mom and Pop Bakery than PLANT FULL OF DANGEROUS CHEMICALS.

Now that I've had my Will McAvoy moment, I'm going to try and write some fic.

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