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<Insert Name Here> ([personal profile] sheikah) wrote2013-04-13 10:27 pm
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i accidentally a teen wolf

So I've been meaning to finish up S2 of Teen Wolf anyway, since I sort of fell off the wagon when my dad died and got behind and never caught up but I recently have been more and more inspired because of JR Bourne's incredibly sexy sexiness. ANYWAY. So I am heavily thinking about RPing him at TR if I can get an Allison (which one of my friends from outside the game seems interested in, so yay).

Anyway, so I decided to rewatch the whole series and [personal profile] ceilidh decided to join me because of Reasons (Read: JR Bourne) and we accidentally watched six episodes in one day.


In this rewatch, I find that I am still wanting to snuggle Scott and Allison and put them in my pocket and Stiles is still hilarious and Derek is the human personification of grumpy cat.

And Chris Argent is Really Fucking Hot. A complete DILF.

This was a post.

(I still don't care about Jackson or Lydia at all.)

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