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<Insert Name Here> ([personal profile] sheikah) wrote2020-12-15 04:35 pm

Dear Yuletide Author :)

First off, yay thank you for writing for me. Here's a little more about my choices:

Arctic Air

Honestly, this fandom is so small and wee that anything you could possibly write me would be a gift. I do ship Krista/Bobby but I would love fic that involves Krista's dad somehow, even if the Krista/Bobby ship doesn't come in. I like happy endings and, especially relevant to this exchange, I love holiday fic. Any kind of Christmas/Kwanzaa/Northern Lights festival/what have you fic is going to be perfect for me.

The Newsroom

It's really all about Will and Mac here but as far as that goes, I'm game for anything. I don't particularly care for pregnancy or kid!fic with these two, so that would be my only real request. Otherwise, I have a particular desire to see just how the New York Marathon went down or a moment in their relationship before the series began.

I'm also A OK with angst. And, yet again, a Holiday-themed fic would be perfect :)

Stargate Universe

I am all about TJ/Young and I really want to see pre-series about how they originally hooked up, if possible. Otherwise, anything with these guys is perfect for me - angst, fluff or anything in between.

The Secret Circle

I do prefer books but if you want to write from the TV show, that's fine too. I ship Cassie/Adam like burning but I'm fine with any kind of gen fic or other pairings.

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