May. 16th, 2013


May. 16th, 2013 12:33 pm
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I have a bajillion WIPs so I guess I need to just list them here and be motivated to continue >.>

* Sci-Fi Big Bang 2013 Untitled Sam/Jack fic - this fic is pretty much plotted, I'm just having difficulty writing it because it's pretty angsty. Basically it's set after the SGA episode "The Return" when Jack makes that comment to Weir about how he wants a hot toddy and a hot...and then it cuts off? Well I've always assumed he and Carter had sex after that, so, the idea is that he has sex with Sam, she freaks out and takes the job as commander of Atlantis, Jack thinks she doesn't love him, angstangstangst and eventual happy reunion.

It's due in July, so I'm not worried (it's 4500 words out of 10000 and I'm only to Sam going to Atlantis) but I need it DONE.

* The "Wow, Cerie, do you hate happiness?" Magnus/Druitt fic that's set when he starts going apeshit insane. This one is hard because, again, subject matter and it's pretty dark and twisty. I am mostly writing it because I need to know for my own RP headcanon and people who are interested in Druitt being a bastard ought to enjoy it too. I've written them in a ship before but it's always before the energy creature made him go insane so this is a new thing for me. It's also pretty non-con and yeah, hard to write. Weirdly, as much as I don't particularly care for that ship, I love writing Druitt. I should play him at my other RP game or something idk.

* The "Wow, Cerie, can this possibly get any kinkier?" Will/Magnus BDSM fic where Will's a telepath/empath. Yeah. That's just shameless porn through and through.

* The "Wow, Cerie, I heard you like werewolves and Sherlock Holmes - sort of" novel that I'm writing. This is at 60,000 words and has no sign of ending, dear God.

* A Newsroom Will/Mac bunny I have regarding a $485,000.00 necklace from Tiffany and the current drama about the AP wiretapping (I am in the middle of researching this so it's accurate - which is why it takes me ages to write Newsroom fics always.)


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